Sunday, 13 January 2013

The First Six Months: of finding a cup of tea

Often times, I obsess about tea. The salty pink after a long lunch, the spicy one without milk for the cold morning, the Lipton for after office. The one reserved for long afternoons with friends who plan meetings on Skype now and start wonderful mornings, like an odd Sunday of today. One right after getting off the train at a nondescript station before a bumpy monsoon road auto ride. Atop a protected corner in the middle of fashionable city markets overseeing gardens. With muffins in lonely wintery English towns. Several reserved for the Chinese lot, whose sole objective seems endless herbal cups of water boiling post Sushi rolling. Tea makes new friends. Ich denke.

Tea also makes me wonder if starting a new year dipping in muslin-esque not paper bags makes it worth more. Because its aloneliness doesn't make it lonely anymore, being noticed and consumed for a picture folder-ed aside. What happens to old pictures when you stop looking at them? Of late, I obsessively keep them. Like tea memories. I am not sure why.


  1. I guess I would never know the joys of Tea. I don't drink it ... except Green Tea when I want to act super healthy by not having coffee instead.

    ∞ © ∞

  2. yes I remember! I am going to make you try green tea with almonds and cinnamon, and attempt a change ;)

  3. I am big fan of lemon tea at work. Plus the family time evening tea when at home and the morning self made tea as a kick starter for weekdays, are a routine now. Living in hostels, has made me appreciate value of tea in bonding-with-people ways :)
    (My most recent tea memory is when I drank masala tea at a friend's place in LA after a week long craving! I felt alive to say the least :))

  4. I used to crave lemon tea from the office Georgia machine! :D and I know exactly that feeling of alive-ness!


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