Sunday, 20 January 2013

The First Six Months: Kochen

I know we started all Yellow, but it was too bright for the weather, I felt. Anyway, so today's post was split in my head. Could potentially be about mediocrity (I'm saving it), or something nicer, warmer in this weather from the Kueche!

In India cooking isn't top of my agenda. Living in Hotel Mama, office Cafetaria, and the outsides with really cheap (und lecker) food can do that I guess. However, it was also on my list with the neues Land and the change that came with it, that I'd like to be far more in control of what I eat. And thus, cook.

Essen in Deutschland: On besser days
1. Cabbage mit Tofu;  2. Potato mit yellow-ed rice,
3. good old potato-mutter; 4. Semmell Knoedel mit Brocolli,
5. Rice mit sausages
I've realised the *only* way I can cook edible food is when noone's watching. If I know someone's out there waiting, watching, I generally put far too much effort which goes awry (failed experiments). By myself, I find myself dreaming of what to make and what new things to try every week.

This could be driven by mother and grandmother, asking, what did you make everyday. Or, a brother in law who loves recipes. Or me, trying hard to taste everything new. I live with two vegetarian Deutsch girls (I really thought it was impossible, anyhow). They cook out of compulsion sometimes, what they make is more interesting than the vegetarisch options out there on the streets. The only place in my Wohngemeinschaft (such a fancy single word for a shared apartment), where I can really talk with people is the Kueche. That's motivational. As well.

Now, if you let me, door closed and pretend noone's out there, next I want to try Mangold (Chard leaves) with Moong Daal (Lentils/Linsen). And then Turkey curry in the Indian way. Anyone tried these before? Hopefully, they'll be picture-worthy :P

//(I don't quite know how to do umlauts on my [der] Computer). Sorry, it's the Deutsch pruefung spaeter (I have these tests!) which is only making me denke of a Woerterbuch of words that I can't type.//


  1. I see a fancy cook in the making!! :) (specially no.4 in the collage)
    I think I cook best when I cook intuitively, improvising on recipes. I am lousy when following recipes to the tee. Also I find I am better at complex recipes like curries than simple ones like bhindi ki subji. Guess points to need to evolve in life generally ;)

  2. you're kind ! Ha! I never tried Bhindi. But did work on one of the targeted ones already! Feels guuuttt! :) I love YouTube for recipes (I actually learn a lot more looking at them than reading any!

  3. i only refer to recipes when husband wants me to cook something I don't know. Mostly I too am an intuitive cook. You my dear seem to be turning in to a master chef!!!

    ∞ © ∞

  4. hehe, wait for my new recipes coming up! (PS: Vegetarian too :))


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