Tuesday, 26 February 2013

TheFirstSixMonths: Inspired Art !

I'm in love with retro prints. And kultur showcase details. I love when people make extensions of where to place the art. What could be on the wall as a quiet painting, talks to us everywhere now. Who said, fine art wouldn't pay. Just need to stretch the canvass a bit, oder?

This one is from a shop that has been *preserved* in the old 70s style- while they do sell modern stuff too, but there's a lot eerily retro about it. They stock old posters, old cashier machines, artsy kitchen ware and the general 'you realise how useful it is only when you see it' ideas. And it is amazing how some shops are able to retain the oldness while keeping the experience fresh.

I particularly liked this Victorian inspired hard-bookish Jane Austen cover. Finely made, and I love the details. Even on the umbrella.

 It also made an out of box experience plausible.


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